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Techstreet has a simple mission, elegantly realized. By centralizing content from hundreds of national and international standards bodies and adding value in a number of ways, Techstreet has created a centralized standards repository and delivery platform with strong workflow characteristics.

Techstreet strikes deals with major standards bodies to resell their content on an unbundled basis. In addition to serving as a sales channel for these organizations, Techstreet also provides many of them with a customized and branded ecommerce platform to support their own selling efforts, all built off the same underlying Techstreet repository. For some organizations, Techstreet even manages the entire sales, inventory, and fulfillment operation for these standards documents.

Techstreet's core activity, however, is to maintain a central subscription-based repository of standards data. The company is aggressively moving itself to more of a subscription model. The benefits to subscribers are manifold. Subscribers can access the exact standards they want via the web, from a number of standards bodies with a single login and a single annual subscription payment. Standards are kept current by Techstreet, eliminating the need and expense of maintaining an in-house library of standards data.

The subscription platform provides collaboration and workflow tools such as document sharing and the customizing of frequently used "folders". Real-time usage reports help clients determine their true usage and inform renewal and purchase decisions.

In order to avoid mass copyright violations, Techstreet also implements DRM so that downloaded files cannot be distributed or shared with unauthorized users. An alert capability also lets subscribers know immediately when any standards they specify have changes - critical added value.

Large Techstreet corporate subscribers essentially buy into a centralized online library that puts standards data at the fingertips of appropriate personnel, regardless of location. The information is kept completely current by Techstreet, eliminating this painful chore for subscribers, along with the need to maintain multiple publication subscriptions with multiple standards bodies.

Techstreet is a great example of value-added aggregation.