Product Announcement from Tekscan, Inc.

Automobile Door & Window Seal Pressure Measurement-Image

Water leaks, wind noise, and ease of opening and closing doors is a major concern for automobile manufacturers and door seal designers.

The I-Scan® system provides the diagnostic tools necessary to evaluate, view, and measure the pressures acting on an automobile door seal The I-Scan system has helped many companies validate the effectiveness of a design and also detect weak spots in a seal.

I-Scan calculates pressure data, such as the average seal pressure, force, contact area and seal profile width. The high spatial resolution pressure data obtained from the system can be used in finite element models to improve seal designs. Tests can also be performed to measure and profile the entire door seal perimeter under different conditions. For example, one test could profile the door seal statically, dynamically during closure, or while driving the vehicle at different velocities. This data can then be used to improve seal designs, thereby reducing noise and eliminating leaks.

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