Ergonomics - Grip System

Product Announcement from Tekscan, Inc.

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Tekscan's Grip System provides the tools to measure and evaluate the static and dynamic

pressures in gripping and grasping objects. Tekscan's patented, paper-thin (0.1mm), flexible sensors are minimally intrusive and have fast scanning rates, which means difficult gripping applications such as vibrations and transients from power tools can easily be measured.

The Grip system has been used to examine grip pressure and vibration transmission to design a more ergonomic product, assisted in designing easier to handle products for the elderly and physically disabled, and analyzed carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tekscan offers a wide variety of array sensors, including sensors designed for grip applications. Sensors can be wrapped around cylinders or slit to be wrapped around oddly shaped or spherical objects. Sensors are also available that can be used on a hand or glove.

Some sample applications include: Tools, Squeeze Bottles, Toothpaste Tube, Deodorant Stick, Chopsticks, Spray Bottles, Drills, Robot Grip in Actuator, Baseball Bat, Golf Club, Tennis Racquet, Lifting Patients & Heavy Packages, Controls in Heavy Equipment, Automobile Shift Levers, Vibrating Tools, Spacesuit Tool Grip, Steering Wheel, Computer Keyboard

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