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FlexiForce® Single-Element Force Sensors

Product Announcement from Tekscan, Inc.

FlexiForce® Single-Element Force Sensors-Image

The FlexiForce® A201 force sensors are paper-thin, flexible strips with a 3/8" circular active area at the end. Our new model A401 has a 1" diameter sensing area. They can be used for any application requiring a non-intrusive force or load measurement.

FlexiForce sensors utilize pressure-sensitive inks that change resistance with applied force for a voltage output that can be converted to force units with a simple calibration procedure. They can measure forces up to 1000lb (4.4kN) and can be customized for large-quantity OEM needs.

The A201 force sensor model is terminated with a solderable male square pin and is designed for use with your own electronics (i.e. excitation circuit & multimeter).Users can customize the length of the sensors, or Tekscan can trim the sensor to lengths of 2" (50.8mm), 4" (101.6mm), or 6"(152.4mm), for an additional charge.

SENSOR SPECIFICATIONS: Sensing Area = 0.375"/9.5mm diameter and 1" diameter; Sensor thickness = 0.008"/0.208mm; Width = 0.55"/14mm; Length = 8"/200mm; Operating temperature = 5F/-9C to 140F/60C (165F/74C for loads less than 10 lbs.). Does not handle shear stresses, water submersion sharp interface materials, or harsh corrosives. See our FlexiForce® Specifications page for more details. GET YOURS TODAY!

APPLICATIONS: Automotive R&D, Medical Devices, Occupancy Detection, Ergonomic Design, Grip & Vibration Forces, Clamp Loads, Contact Forces of Products on Assembly Line, Consumer Goods, Fitness & Martial Arts Equipment, Garment Fitting, and Footwear Design.

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