Product Announcement from Tekscan, Inc.

HR Mat Platform Pressure Measurement System-Image

Tekscan's HR Mat is a stand-alone device measuring vertical force and pressure distribution. It can be used in conjunction with a force plate. The 442 mm by 488 mm mat has 5 mm spatial resolution and 8,352 sensing elements. The system provides pressure and force information which is extremely helpful for evaluation and treatment of children or deformed feet.

Easy to use Windows® based software allows you to view real-time dynamic weight transfer and local pressure concentrations, as well as capture multiple footstrikes in seconds. HR Mat allows you to record walking, standing (balance), or single (snapshot) frames of force and pressure data. Detailed 2D and 3D color images and graphic displays provide you with easy to understand data and presentations.

The sensor contains 8,352 sensing elements with a spacial resolution of 4 sensors/cm2. The size of the mat is 442 mm x 488 mm.

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