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K-Scan Pressure Measurement System

Product Announcement from Tekscan, Inc.

K-Scan Pressure Measurement System-Image

The K-Scan System is a flexible pressure assessment platform used by orthopedic implant companies and research institutions worldwide in the study of prostheses design and articulating joint research. The K-Scan is an effective tool for determining contact area and dynamic stress analysis, and is fast becoming an industry standard.

In the typical application, a specially designed Tekscan sensor is placed between two articulating surfaces. Take advantage of the K-Scan's high-resolution sensor, ultra-thin interface and unique software for various applications, including the design and installation of artificial knees. During knee replacement surgery, the K-Scan allows the surgeon to determine the balance of forces at the interface between the two knee components, an adjustment crucial to the longevity of the artificial knee. During the design process, it allows knee manufacturers to view the impact of various component geometries on proposed knee function.

The K-Scan has also been used in various cadaveric joint studies on the knee, patella, wrist, hip and shoulder.

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