The I-Scan® System

Product Announcement from Tekscan, Inc.

The I-Scan® System-Image

The I-Scan® system by Tekscan is a versatile pressure measurement system utilizing Tekscan's patented thin-film pressure sensing technology. At the system's heart is a high resolution, matrix based, tactile, pressure sensor capable of measuring pressures as low as 5 mmHg and as high as 175 MPa. With the help of Tekscan's qualified Sales and Engineering Support Team, each system is configured to meet specific application requirements.

Tekscan's technology has played a key role in research and development in a wide range of industries. Its ability to deliver high spatial resolution devices (248 sensors/cm2) has lead us to measuring fiber bundle densities in the paper and felt industries. Tekscan's wide pressure range has enabled us to pursue applications varying from mattress design to stress analysis of concrete support structures. Tekscan's unique systems approach has saved companies millions of dollars in design, design verification, and re-engineering costs.

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