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The I-Scan® System

Product Announcement from Tekscan, Inc.

The I-Scan® System-Image

Versatile Pressure Mapping System

I-Scan® is a powerful tool that accurately measures and analyzes interface pressure between two surfaces, utilizing a thin and flexible sensor. The system is comprised of data acquisition electronics, sensors, and software. Measuring both force and pressure, the exceptionally thin tactile sensor provides minimal interference between the objects being measured, allowing the true interface pressure data to be obtained. The interface pressure data collected offers vital information and insight to enhance product design, manufacturing, quality, and research.

Key Benefits

  • Product Design
    • In-depth understanding of surface behavior
    • Verify forces and peak pressures between two components
    • Measure external forces
    • Reduce failures & assoicated costs
  • Manufacturing
    • Verify calibration of machinery
    • Improve repeatability of processes
    • Reduce downtime & improve yields
  • Quality Control
    • Identify potential failure modes
    • Quality inspection & control
    • Competitive benchmarking
  • Research
    • Understand the physical properties of the objects being measured
    • Understand the pressure distribution between two surfaces


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