Adust-A-Shelf Desiccator

Product Announcement from Terra Universal, Inc.

Adust-A-Shelf Desiccator-Image
  • Durable, efficient nitrogen-purged storage cabinets from the industry-leading desiccator dry cabinet manufacturer
  • Automatically maintains clean, dry, static-safe conditions to reduce part defects and extend product yields
  • Optional smart humidity controllers provide unsurpassed efficiency to reduce nitrogen costs and maintain a constant, traceable clean, dry environment—
    • SmartDesiccator™ nitrogen cabinets incorporate humidity sensor/display module into benchtop cabinets
    • NitroPlex™ dry nitrogen cabinets provide multiplexed nitrogen control for optimal efficiency in larger desiccators
  • Unique design and fabrication techniques produce durable, tight-sealing nitrogen cabinets
  • Plenum chamber minimizes backfill, ensures uniform gas distribution
  • Optional Automatic RB® (Relief/Bleed) Valve stabilizes internal pressure, protects dry cabinet doors and seals
  • Full line of standardized sizes and components simplifies parts replacement
  • Optional 304 stainless steel doors extend cabinet's service life and improve sealing performance
  • Chrome-plated racks allow shelf placement at one-inch increments (electropolished stainless steel available)
  • Locking LiftLatches™ open and close without straining doors, provide lock-out security
  • Static-control options protect sensitive materials against ESD
  • Grounded rack and door latch and built-in grounding terminals provide additional ESD safety
  • Conforms to DOD Handbook 263, MIL-SPEC 1686 and 1772 with selection of proper accessories
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