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Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers

Product Announcement from Terra Universal, Inc.

Cleanroom Pass-Through Chambers-Image
  • Contamination-free transfer of materials in and out of the cleanroom
  • Eliminates unnecessary personnel entry
  • Full range of sizes meets any application
  • Stainless steel doors extend service life of plastic and laminate chamber—a must in a production environment!
  • Foolproof interlock mechanism prevents cross-contamination, is reliable and maintenance-free
  • Material options accommodate many application requirements, from chemical resistance to static control to fire safety
  • Accessories include LockLatch™, safety sprinkler, air shower, and Class 10 HEPA filter/blower module
  • Easy to install

Shutting the Door on Contamination
These Pass-Through Chambers cut down significantly on traffic and contamination by providing a better, safer way to transfer equipment and paperwork.

Terra's most economical models are constructed of a fiber core with a white nonconductive laminate fused and sealed to all exposed sides. 304 Stainless steel models ensure clean operation. For especially stringent particle requirements, select an UltraClean™ electropolished 304 stainless steel pass-through.

Polypropylene and PVC models are suitable for chemical pass-through applications, and Static-Dissipative PVC models combine excellent chemical resistance with a surface resistivity of about 107 ohms/square for enhanced static and particle control. Each model features viewing windows of a compatible material.

Doors on either side can be outfitted with a mechanical interlock that keeps personnel from passing particles through the chamber. This device allows only one door at a time to open, and thus the amount of air that can enter the cleanroom is restricted to a very small volume. The no-maintenance interlock has no power, gas, or other facility requirement, so it continues to operate when other systems shut down.

HEPA Filtered Air Shower Clears the Air!
Terra offers a HEPA filtered air shower for enhanced particle control.

This option incorporates a brushless motor and 125 CFM variable-speed impeller to draw air from the "clean" side of the pass-through into a HEPA filter (rated 99.97% efficient with 0.3µm-diameter particles).

A magnetic sensor switch, installed on the "dirty" side door, activates the unit after the door has been opened and then closed. The shower washes the chamber with HEPA-filtered air to remove any contaminants that might have entered the chamber (the operation period is adjustable from 15 to 180 seconds). During operation, a red status light in the "cleanroom" side of the shower glows to warn operators not to open a door. When the shower shuts off, a green status light indicates that the door may be opened.

Exhaust air flows out of vents on the "dirty" side of the pass-through chamber (a microporous filter eliminates the chance of contamination in the event of a negative pressure). The cleanroom intake ensures a long filter life, and filter change-outs can be performed in a matter of seconds.

Pass-Through Chambers can be installed in a number of ways, depending on the wall or door that will support them. The ordering chart indicates the cut-out size necessary to support each model size (simply add .5" to the chamber width and height). Terra offers mounting brackets and hardware to ensure secure mounting. In most cases, a bracket kit provides ample support. Models are available for either wall mounting (at a convenient standing height) or floor mounting (to allow passage of carts and other equipment along the floor). Select support brackets for 36"D wall-mount models. Note: Brackets are mounted to allow chambers to protrude 2" on the cleanroom side (specify other desired position).