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Coaxial attenuators are liner devices that reduce input power in a matched system by a determined amount. Attenuators are used in several applications, including simulated signal level reduction, impedance matching and power dissipation.

RF coaxial attenuators have several important specifications that are key to their meeting your requirements.

1. Frequency Range
2. Attenuation
3. Average & Peak Power

Frequency bandwidth is the frequency range where the attenuator will provide its best SWR performance. Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) can vary attenuation significantly at different frequencies. Testpath, Inc. offers BNC attenuators to 4GHz, N Type attenuators rated to 12.4GHz, and SMA attenuators rated to 18GHz.

Attenuation is the ratio of power in to the power out under impedance match conditions measured in decibels (dB) of power. For reference, a 3dB attenuator will cut power by half. 6dB attenuators cuts power by a quarter. An 8dB attenuator will cut power by more than one-sixth, a 10dB coax attenuator will cut power by a tenth, a 14dB attenuator will cut power by ninety-six percent, and a 20dB attenuator will cut power to one-hundredth of the input power.

Average power is the maximum specified input power applied for a minimum of 1 hr at 25 Degrees Celsius, while terminated in its characteristic impedance, which will not permanently change the specified property of the attenuator. Peak Power is the maximum power at a specified pulse width that will not permanently change the specified properties of the attenuator. The pulse width used for testing is 5 microseconds.

TestPath, Inc. stocks an assortment of individual BNC, Type N and SMA attenuators as well as BNC and N Type attenuator kits

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