Product Announcement from Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processors & ARM Microprocessors

BeagleBone Black development board-Image

Innovators:  Want more for less? Get it today – has introduced the newest member of its wildly popular pack, the next-generation BeagleBone: the $45 BeagleBone Black – now performing at 1GHz.  Five years ago, blurred the lines between desktop and embedded computing, paving the way for rapidly accelerated open source innovation on ARM® processors. At only $45, the new BeagleBone Black development board, based on Texas Instruments (TI) 1GHz Sitara™ AM335x ARM Cortex™-A8 processor, features the best open source development value for hobbyists, developers and engineers. It delivers new hardware features like HDMI and better memory with eMMC and DDR3, while maintaining access to interface signals for sensors and controls and eliminating the need for additional equipment with a single cable development environment. BeagleBone Black is also compatible with the 30+ cape plug-in boards created for the original BeagleBone, allowing for augmented functionalities from LCD touch screens to motor controls. Get engaged with one of the largest and most active open source communities today at and be among the first to get your hands on the new and improved BeagleBone Black.

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