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Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. (Atlanta-based), a leader in providing Process heating, cooling, and waste-to-energy systems for industry is proud to present a new product for 2-Pass systems that can attain efficiencies up to 90%.

2-Pass Heater

The cost effective 2-pass heater has a single coil. Combustion gases make two passes through the heater. The first pass is through the inside of the coil, and then around its outside and out the exhaust stack.

Output: The KH2 has outputs ranging from 0.5 – 20.0 MM Btu/hour.

Except for its expansion tank, the heater is fully assembled on a single skid. With its finned convection section tubing, increases thermal efficiency by 3 percent. Actually, the convection section can be designed to increase thermal efficiency up to 8 percent, depending mainly on operating temperatures. Such 2-pass heaters with a convection section can equal or surpass the thermal efficiency of our 3-pass heaters. And, unlike a typical 3-pass heater, the 2-pass heater has easy access to the coil for maintenance. So it has much more coil surface area exposed to radiant energy of the burner flame. Consequently, it has a much lower radiant flux rate than the shorter coil of a 3-pass heater. Since the chamber has lower radiant flux rate resulting in lower film temperature, the fluid will attain longer life (less hydrocarbon breakdown), and longer coil life. Thermal Fluid Systems, Inc. builds both 2 and 3-pass heaters. Discuss your process requirements with one of our experienced Application Engineers to provide you a heating solution.

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