Continuous Particulate Monitor, Model 5014i Beta

Product Announcement from Thermo Scientific Environmental and Process Monitoring

Continuous Particulate Monitor, Model 5014i Beta-Image

The Model 5014i utilizes the combined real-time principles of beta-attenuation, density and background beta rejection as the means towards a refined mass measurement of the collected aerosol. The air sample volume is precisely controlled and accurately measured through a subsonic orifice.

A known volume of air is drawn through a size-selective inlet, which can be configured to measure PM-10, PM-2.5, PM-1 or TSP, and deposited onto the auto-advancing filter tape.The combined measurement of mass and air volume are used to obtain the mass concentration readings. Supplied with user-selective data logging options, concentrations can be reported in actual or standard conditions.

The Model 5014i auto-advances the particulate-laden sample filter in accordance with user-defined parameters such as mass accumulation limits, timed intervals or the continuous flow rate relative to pressure changes. The filter tape will advance in a continuous pattern, as compared to stepwise measurement, resulting in the mitigation of particle losses. In addition, the filter tape will advance if the sample exceeds maximum loading criteria.

Furthermore, to accurately address potential water bias and volatile loss, the Dynamic Heating System allows the user to hold the sample temperature at a fixed value or below a relative humidity threshold.

Key Features
• U.S. EPA Approved PM-10 equivalent monitor (EQPM1102-150) and candidate for U.S. EPA PM-2.5 equivalent monitor
• Continuous, non-stepwise measurement
• Volatile loss mitigation via Dynamic Heating System
• Long term, unattended operation
• Low detection limit, high accuracy and resolution
• Enhanced user interface and iPort communication software