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Partisol iSeries Air Samplers

Product Announcement from Thermo Scientific Environmental and Process Monitoring

Partisol iSeries Air Samplers -Image

The Partisol iSeries platform is comprised of 4 different models, the 2000i Air Sampler, the 2000i-D Dichotomous Air Sampler, the 2025i Sequential Air Sampler, and the 2025i-D Dichotomous Sequential Air Sampler.

All four configurations operate using a majority of the same spare parts for their large assemblies through a common platform which allows for easy parts ordering, stocking, and repair. The updated modular hardware configuration provides 2 minute repair times for major assemblies by utilizing slide rail systems.

In addition, the iSeries software provides an enhanced user interface and easier connectivity through serial, Ethernet, or USB ports. A total new package, the iSeries Partisol Samplers improve the overall operator experience as a staple in the ambient monitoring network.

Available Configurations:
Partisol 2000i Air Sampler

Partisol 2000i-D Dichotomous Air Sampler

Partisol 2025i Sequential Air Sampler

Partisol 2025i-D Dichotomous Sequential Air Sampler

Key Features:

  • Enhanced user interface and iSeries communication capabilities
  • Improved data downloads
  • Simplified pump exchange
  • Modular parts platform