Personal Dust Monitor, PDM3600

Product Announcement from Thermo Scientific Environmental and Process Monitoring

Personal Dust Monitor, PDM3600-Image

Engineered for timely, high-quality personal dust exposure information, the PDM3600 monitor protects miners' health by ensuring that the shift average respirable dust exposure does not exceed regulatory limits. Providing mine workers and management with the tools to personally monitor and reduce their exposure, the PDM3600 monitor is the first line of defense in preventing long-term health effects.

The PDM3600 monitor provides three primary real-time measurements: primary current mass concentration, primary cumulative mass concentration and percent of limit. Two secondary user-initiated measurements are also available and can be performed without interfering with the primary sample. The battery operated PDM3600 starts by drawing a continuous sample of air from the breathing zone. It then removes any particles that are larger than respirable in size and measures the mass of the dust, which is collected on an exchangeable filter.

Key Features

  • Bright, low power consuming LED primary work light with dual low power secondary LED lights
  • Waterproof cap lamp battery protection
  • Mine-proven power take-off connector
  • PC-based software for data downloading and review of status flags
  • Integral charger with download station for PC interface

* U.S. based mining applications