TEOM® Series 1405

Product Announcement from Thermo Scientific Environmental and Process Monitoring

TEOM® Series 1405 -Image

The Thermo Scientific TEOM® 1405 Ambient Air Monitoring Series

Built on proven Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance (TEOM) and Filter Dynamics Measurement System (FDMS) technologies, this line offers expanded capabilities, dramatically improved ease of use and a full spectrum of monitoring options.

TEOMs provide NIST traceable direct mass measurements which circumvents uncertainties inherent in surrogate techniques such as beta attenuation, light scattering and pressure drop. The FDMS option provides the ability to account for the volatiles and semi-volatiles.The control unit, sensors and optional FDMS are all enclosed in a compact, single-unit, network-ready design.

Extended Capabilities

The TEOM® Series 1405 has the ability to measure PM-2.5, PM-10 and PM-Coarse individually and combined. The FDMS adds the capability to account for volatiles for all three measurements.

Also Available

The Thermo Scientific Complete Outdoor Enclosure for the TEOM Series 1405 is designed to protect the instrument from extreme climates. Outfitted with a combination heating and air conditioning unit, the housing provides the proper weather-proof environment to ensure long-term performance.