Thermo Scientific Arke SO3 System

Product Announcement from Thermo Scientific Environmental and Process Monitoring

Thermo Scientific Arke SO3 System -Image

The measurement of SO3 within an industrial plant process can be challenged by various factors, including the type of fuel, process conditions (moisture, temperature, particulate levels) and the presence of pollution control devices such as SCRs, ACI systems and FGD scrubbers. Yet accurately monitoring SO3 levels is critical to controlling process parameters that can provide cost savings, extend the life of process equipment and reduce the risks of the "blue plume" effect outside the stack.

Removing the guess work associated with manual methods and sorbent injection, the Arke SO3 System provides true continuous SO3 monitoring capabilities with relatively fast response times, which can assist you in optimizing your sorbent usage. Utilizing an advanced QC Laser-based platform, the Arke SO3 System maximizes the sensitivity and selectivity of SO3 measurement.

Key Features:

  • Highly sensitive, continuous measurement of SO3
  • Utilizes QC Laser-based technology
  • Built-in SO3 generator for system calibration
  • Inertial probe built-for process applications
  • Easily integrated, advanced software platform
  • Integrated solution comprised of an analyzer, calibrator, sample line and probe