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M-PULSe™ Multi-Path Ultrasonic Flow Measurement

Product Announcement from Thermo Scientific - Process Instruments

M-PULSe™ Multi-Path Ultrasonic Flow Measurement-Image

Ideal for custody transfer and leak detection, the M-PULSe™ combines a multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter with a lightning fast flow computer to create a bi-directional liquid flow measurement system that offers the highest attainable accuracy. The patented four-path transit time transducer configuration ensures accuracy, operator efficiency and plant safety. The flowmeter's compact design and shorter installation footprint are other significant advantages, particularly on offshore platforms and other areas where pipe space is at a premium.

What sets M-PULSe apart?

  • It has proven to be viscosity independent, up to 1500 cSt, with no recalibration required between varying products.
  • Highly accurate over a wide liquid temperature range, the M-PULSe also features a non-metallic diaphragm that resists corrosion to lower overall maintenance costs.
  • Certified to ATEX Zone 0, the sleek spool, available in stainless or carbon steel, ranges from 4 to 24 inches in size, has no moving parts, and is intrinsically safe and spark-proof, making it ideal for use in the most hazardous environments.
  • The integrated flow computer has built-in API conversion tables and compensates for temperature, pressure and density to provide unmatched repeatability and linearity.
  • Real-time flow profiling for accurate laminar, turbulent and transitional flow measurements for superior accountability and less product loss.
  • Transducers can easily be changed while the instrument is in use, simplifying maintenance and reducing downtime.
  • Strong performance results with the flow conditioner placed just 5 pipe diameters (5D) upstream of the meter rather than the standard 10 pipe diameters (10D).
  • Our patented transducer design and history of flow computer engineering excellence ensure long life, dependability and a strong return on investment.

Density Input

The M-PULSe requires a density input to effectively function in a custody transfer application. Thermo Scientific Sarasota density meters are engineered to fulfill this need, providing accurate, repeatable measurement of liquid density. For product information, see Sarasota liquid density meters.


  • Bi-directional with accuracy of ±0.10% of flow and repeatability of ±0.05% of flow
  • Four-path transit time transducer configuration
  • Removable transducers which are replaceable under process pressure conditions
  • Meter spool size from 4 to 16 inches with no moving parts
  • ATEX Zone 0 (Class I Div 1) hazardous area certification
  • Non-metallic transducer diaphragm resists corrosion caused during chemical liquid processing, reducing maintenance costs
  • Compensation for temperature, pressure and density inputs in accordance with API standards
  • Several user interfaces including keypad and laptop configuration software through RS232 and RS485
  • Multiple levels of security to ensure controlled user access
  • Various batching options
  • Logs for flow data, alarms and audit trails