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New Flow Computer for High Point-Count Systems

Product Announcement from Thermo Scientific - Process Instruments

New Flow Computer for High Point-Count Systems -Image

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science,announces the new Thermo Scientific AutoPILOT PRO XL EFM/RTU, the newest addition to its gas flow computer product line. The AutoPILOT PRO XL EFM/RTU offers the same features and functionality of the company's comprehensive six-run system but adds integrated, factory-tested wiring harnesses and termination blocks for convenience. The new device simplifies installation and increases reliability for natural gas measurement by eliminating the need to have a third-party manufacture wiring harnesses or create them on their own.

"With natural gas prices at an all-time low, our customers are seeking ways to reduce costs wherever possible. Our new AutoPILOT PRO XL EFM/RTU is engineered for high point-count systems and demonstrates our commitment to helping our customers do much more with less," said Matt Diese, oil and gas marketing manager at Thermo Fisher. "Our new XL unit combines measurement and control in one device, reducing equipment costs. At the same time, the system is fully factory tested and warrantied, virtually eliminating downtime due to equipment failure. At Thermo Fisher, we are continually looking at ways to help our customers improve processes as well as consolidate equipment, and our new XL unit is a perfect example."

The new AutoPILOT PRO XL unit is fully CSA/US Class I, Div 2 certified, enabling it to be safely mounted at the measurement site. The system also eliminates the need for third-party termination boxes, reducing costs and saving significant labor time. Further cost reduction is possible with the XL unit because it accepts one or two safety interface barriers (SIB) to connect up to six Thermo Scientific AutoMITTER PRO smart multi-variable transmitters; this can increase the number of meter runs while making the purchase of additional flow computers unnecessary. The device is backed by Thermo Fisher's long legacy of quality instrumentation and full factory testing process, reducing field failures and associated downtime.

Other key features include:

  • A 32-bit processor that offers faster calculations, enhancing flow measurement
  • Built-in Ethernet and USB connectivity that enables high-speed data transfer and easier integration of unit into corporate networks
  • Up to 16 expandable analog inputs that ensure scalability with full station control and eliminate need for platform upgrades
  • Expandable communications (up to eight RS232/RS485) that allows simultaneous communication with multiple devices including ultrasonic meters, host systems, PLCs, tank gauges and more
  • Enhanced security that allows unlimited passwords with four levels of security

The new AutoPILOT PRO XL unit is specifically designed for companies involved with natural gas transmission or production. The device is an expanded version of the AutoPILOT PRO EFM/RTU and encompasses the same features and functionality.