Heat Trace Communication Software

Product Announcement from Thermon Manufacturing Co.

Heat Trace Communication Software-Image

TraceView can communicate with a client PC as well as to various DCS systems. Likewise, Traceview communicates to other PC devices or to DCS systems through a serial port or Ethernet connection.

TraceView Network Explorer can be operated on a PC at distances of up to 4,000 feet (1219 Meters) from the heat tracing control hardware. For a ModBus ASCII or RTU protocol, the system can communicate with up to 247 controllers (4,446 circuits) per program instance. For higher circuit count heat tracing systems, TraceView enables multiple instances of the program to operate simultaneously on one PC.

Features . . .

• Continuous monitoring of the temperature on all heat traced piping and equipment.

• Access to heat tracing operating parameters such as heater current, ground leakage current, control and alarm settings for analysis and set point changes.

• Provides system operating status, tracks alarm events and history.

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