Industrial Electric Heat Tracing Solutions

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Thermon holds a unique position as the only international heat tracing company completely dedicated to its industry. Since 1954, Thermon has concentrated its efforts exclusively on heat tracing, the external application of heat to pipes, tanks and instrumentation.

Today, Thermon continues to be an industry leader in the specialized field of heat tracing technology. The vast knowledge base of Thermon's employees, combined with the most extensive line of heat tracing products and design tools available, optimizes the customer's "cost of ownership" by ensuring that all aspects of the application have been considered.

Industrial Electric Heat Tracing:

The demands placed on heat tracing systems vary based on the design parameters speci?c to each application. To meet these needs, Thermon manufactures the widest variety of electric heating cables and control systems in the world.

Self-Regulating Cables

Complex Piping Design Guide

Power-Limiting Cables

Parallel Constant Watt Cables

Series Constant Watt Cables

Mineral Insulated Heating Cables

Skin Effect Systems

Tank Insulation /Tank and Hopper Heating

Controls and Monitoring

Systems Accessories

Design / Support

More Product Information

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