2660 Series Oil-less Piston Pumps

Product Announcement from Gardner Denver Thomas

2660 Series Oil-less Piston Pumps-Image

Thomas Line of Oil-less Pumps and Compressors Offer a Broad Range of Pressure and Vacuum Options

This versatile platform design offers OEMs the ability to add custom options to meet or exceed their specific design criteria. The use of die-cast aluminum parts provides a strong, lightweight and durable component. In addition to low vibration and reduced sound level, Thomas' oil-less WOB-L® technology extends operating life.


• Oil-less operation (Clean air stream, less maintenance)

• Permanently lubricated bearings (Optimum life)

• Stainless steel valves (Optimum life, consistent performance, corrosion resistance)

• Die-cast aluminum components (Strong, lightweight, durable)

• Dynamically balanced (Low operating vibration)

• Proven WOB-L® technology (Optimum life)

• Monolithic head (Fewer parts, eliminates potential leak paths)

• Field service capability (Maximum return on investment)

• Thermally protected motor (Fail-safe operation)

• Designed and tested per Agency standards (Fail-safe operation)

• Inlet filter/exhaust muffler (Quiet, clean operation)

• RoHS compliant (Green, eco-friendly)

Range Technical Overview

  • Max Flow 4.6 cfm / 130.3 l/min
  • Max Vacuum 92% local barometer

Possible Applications

  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Copiers
  • Blood & Laboratory Analyzers
  • Dental & Optical Equipment
  • Ozone Generators
  • Vacuum Frames
  • Waveguide Pressurization
  • Packaging Equipment
  • Respirators
  • Laboratory Air Dryers
  • Powder Spraying
  • Printing Equipment
  • Mail Sorters/Stuffers
  • Cable & Radar Pressurization
  • Sprayer Systems
  • Pump Priming
  • Purging Systems
  • Vacuum Clamps
  • Chair Lifts