Thomas 1210 Series Liquid Diaphragm Pump

Product Announcement from Gardner Denver Thomas

Thomas 1210 Series Liquid Diaphragm Pump-Image

Thomas 1210 Series Diaphragm Liquid Pump

The 1210 Series Diaphragm Liquid DC Pump is designed with valves that provide bubble-free liquid flow. Small (2.0" x 0.9" x 1.4"), lightweight (2.4 oz./68g) with maximum flow to 180 ml/min, maximum pressure to 80 mH20. The pump is able to handle a mixture of air and liquid with a low sound level. Available in 12V & 24V DC motors.

Features & Benefits

  • Suction of mixed gas / liquid media
  • Linear flow control via voltage
  • High efficiency
  • Self priming

Range Technical Overview

  • Capacity up to 180 ml/min
  • Max pressure height 80 mH20
  • Suction height up to 6 mH20

Possible Applications

  • Ink Jet Printers
  • Analytical & medical applications
  • Fuel cells
  • Battery operated systems