Brushless DC oil-less air compressor

Product Announcement from Gardner Denver Thomas

Brushless DC oil-less air compressor-Image

Small, Lightweight Brushless DC Compressor by Thomas

Thomas 2220 Series brushless DC oil-less air compressor is designed for medical and other applications requiring a compact, lightweight compressor with variable output. The 2220 is small (3.8" high x 2.64" wide x 4.70" long) and weighs only 1.48 lb. (0.7 kg). The compressor features an efficient variable speed motor that produces flow to 1.2 cfm (34 l/min) & pressure to 30 psi. (2.1 bar). In addition, the proven Thomas WOB-L® piston technology combined with the enclosed crankcase design provides durable quiet (45 dB(a)) performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Oil-less operation (Clean air stream, less maintenance)
  • Permanently lubricated bearings (Optimum life)
  • Stainless Steel inlet valve (Consistent performance, corrosion resistance)
  • Die-cast aluminum components (Strong, lightweight, durable)
  • High performance piston seal (Optimum life)
  • Wetted parts treated for corrosion resistance (Optimum life, consistent performance)
  • Dynamically balanced (Low operating vibration)
  • Thin wall, hard coated aluminum cylinder (Maximum heat transfer)
  • Brushless DC motor (Variable output, long life, low energy consumption)
  • RoHS compliant (Green, eco-friendly)

Range Technical Overview

  • Max. Flow: 1.20cfm (34 l/min.)
  • Max. Intermittent Pressure: 30 psi (2.1 bar)

Possible Applications

  • Portable oxygen concentrators
  • Small, portable, battery operated devices requiring air compressor