Thor Power® Trezium® Electric Motor & Generator...

Product Announcement from Thor Power Corporation

Thor Power® Trezium® Electric Motor & Generator...-Image

The consequence of this development is reflected in our "tag line",

The motor can also be used as a generator for wind, solar and hydro applications. The motor is scalable, the design principle / techniques of the motor and controller system can extend to 25kW or beyond in a light weight, extremely powerful, efficient package.

"Twice the power… half the weight… double the efficiency."

The Trezium® System represents a paradigm shift for design of future products in the 21st Century. This is best demonstrated in Thor Power's initial product offering a NEMA 34 BLAC motor (Fig. 1, above) capable of delivering ¼ HP to a top rating of 2.67HP, at variable speeds up to 30,000rpms. Uses for the Trezium® System are inclusive of Vdc applications, for example, HVDC data facilities and applications on the "all electric" aircraft of the future. In fact, think of where motors are used today, and many places where they are not and the Trezium® System can find a home, for example, Aerospace & Defense, Automotive & Transport, Health Care Products (Medical Devices, Medical Equipment & Supplies), Industrial Manufacturing, Consumer Products Manufacturers, Metals & Mining, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers, Environmental Services & Equipment.

When considering areas where motors are not used, think of electric wind and hydro generators.

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