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Thor Power® Corporation is a high-technology company specializing in the design, development and marketing of exceptionally efficient electric motor systems-microelectronics and permanent magnet motors, perfectly matched to application-principally up to 5 kilowatts. Thor Power develops cutting edge energy-saving technology under the name TREZIUM® Power System and GRISMIR® Power Units -the technology benefits of which are twice the power, half the weight and up to half the electricity loss of traditional electric motors

Compared to antiquated technology in use today, Thor Power's GRISMIR® electric motor/generator is more revolutionary than evolutionary. With the GRISMIR® generator, product quality goes up, costs go down, profits increase, and customers are more satisfied.

Customer Testimonial:

"…we were very impressed by [GRISMIR® G4.5kW] their performance…water temperature in early April was cold…did not seem to affect generator performance…under load and with no load, output voltage was the same for both units…major advantage of your design… compact; space inside our prototype was limited and your generators fit perfectly…they weighed much less when compared to others we had researched…worth the $3000 asking price."

Colleen McCann, Russell Weston, Elsa Leung and Christopher Chow - University of Ontario Institute of Technology

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