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Free 3-Phase Application Guide Now Available To Protect Equipment With Time Mark 3-Phase Monitors

A free 3-Phase Monitors Application Guide is now available from Time Mark Corporation, manufacturers of 3-Phase monitors, current monitors, voltage sensors, pump and liquid level controls, instrumentation controls, and Signaline timing devices.

Offered as a guide for equipment designers, maintenance personnel, electrical contractors, etc, the brochure incorporates explanatory text, application diagrams, tables, and charts of Time Mark 3-Phase Monitor installations to sense phase loss, phase unbalance, and low voltage.

Typical 3-Phase applications are presented to include:

· Loss of phase in secondary protection circuits

· Failure in primary or secondary transformer windings

· Phase reversal throughout the distribution system

· Low voltage on feeder lines

· High voltage on feeder lines (on selected models)

Shunt trip applications, elevator protection circuits, air conditioning systems, or water and sewage lift stations are among specific locations where 3-Phase monitors are emphasized to sense phase loss, phase unbalance, or low voltage. The Application Guide also offers a Quick Reference Guide.

For your free 3-Phase Application Guide visit their web site.

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