Gantry Servo Motor Application

Product Announcement from Torque Systems

Gantry Servo Motor Application-Image

Product Overview

A manufacturer of non-destructive testing systems for the aerospace, railroad, auto, ordinance and tubular industries required a customized solution on their gantry systems. When their previous supplier was unresponsive, they asked ITT-Torque Systems if we could provide a solution. They were instantly impressed with the responsiveness of our sales and engineering teams. Our sales team worked to understand the challenges within their application, and our engineering team worked to design the best solution for them.

Product Solution

It was determined that the solution for them would require some customization of our existing 140mm MDM- 5000 brushless motor. We were able to customize the connector wiring and mounting to make sure we provided a solution that met the needs of their application to synchronize positioning on both the horizontal and vertical axis. Today, our motors are used on all their gantry applications that require smooth, precise motion to drive their sensor for material inspection. They still receive the same responsiveness, quality, performance and support today as they did when the initial discussions began. For these reasons, ITT-Torque Systems is their motor of choice.