Control Buildings for Wind Farms

Product Announcement from Trachte, LLC

Control Buildings for Wind Farms-Image

With the huge increases in activity in the wind energy industry, wind farm collection and interconnect substation and operations building applications have become a larger portion of Trachte business. We have already provided more than 80 pre-assembled buildings for wind farm sites.

Trachte designs and supplies pre-assembled control buildings specifically for wind farm developers, EPC firms, construction and electrical contractors, interconnect utilities, relay panel manufacturers, and substation packagers. Trachte Buildings are modular, prefabricated buildings, shelters and large format enclosures, available in transportable sizes from 6'x 6' to 30' x 72'.

Trachte control buildings are shipped to the wind farm sites pre-erected, with wall and ceiling-mounted gear (including cable tray) pre-installed. We also provide optional site services where we off-load, set, anchor, and detail the buildings on site.