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O-Ring Color Coatings

Product Announcement from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

O-Ring Color Coatings-Image

As O-Ring materials are usually black, one seal may appear almost identical to another, but can vary slightly in dimension or be of different compounds. A large number of O-Rings may be used in one assembly. This is especially the case in automotive component manufacturing, and installing a seal in the incorrect location can cause leakage or even seal failure. An effective and easy means of segregation within a production facility is therefore critical to ensure there are no mix-ups and color-coding is one of the best ways of segregating O-Rings. In addition, as lighter colors can be more easily detected within a black or dark assembly, they can also aid end-of-line quality checking.

Colored coatings are ideal for differentiating seals within production facilities, and Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers what we believe is the widest range of colored coatings available as standard from one seal supplier. Much research has been involved in the development of these surface treatments. Ultra-thin, they have no negative effect on the performance of the elastomer O-Ring and have the benefit of enhancing friction characteristics. Offering superior resistance against cracking, unlike some competitive products, they are virtually impossible to peel from their substrate.

Like clear coatings, the colored coatings improve the friction characteristics of elastomer O-Rings. Depending on the surface treatment, they can make a once only push-fit assembly easier or facilitate automated assembly, preventing the O-Rings sticking together during this process.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides a wide range of readily available colored coatings, including turquoise, pink, brown, green, white, blue, yellow, orange and red. The surface treatments can be applied to most seals, standard or custom, in the majority of elastomer compounds.

Three Levels of Working:

1. Application Professionals- dry surface finishes for permanent reduction of friction and wear

-SF coating

high-performance friction reduction -

SF coating is characterised by its outstanding level of resistance to wear and excellent friction properties in dynamic applications.

-LF coating

dynamic friction reduction -

With the use of the transparent LF coating, the colour of the sealing material is preserved. The primary aim of using LF coating is to reduce friction in dynamic applications.

-DF treatment

surface modification -

In this process, the surface of the elastomer seals is modified in the micrometer range. There is only a very slight effect on the physical properties of the elastomer.

2. Assembly Professionals- dry coating solutions for automated assembly and reduced assembly forces

-MF coating

for easier assembly -

MF coating is the alternative to lubrication, guaranteeing safety and security within automated assembly processes. Its dry surface improves handling without contaminating the system. Suitable for once only assembly.

-FF coating

FDA assembly aid -

FF coating is suitable for repeated assembly processes. Thanks to its FDA compliance, it can be used in food, pharmaceutical and drinking water applications. The FF coating excels in resisting the strong forces produced during component assembly and dismantling.

3. Handling Aids- low-cost powders, waxes and oils for ease of separation and simple handling, without adhesion

Advantages of our O-Ring coatings:

• prevent parts sticking together during packaging or handling

• improve the automatic supply or separation of seals

• simplify the assembly and dismantling of seals, in manual or automated assembly

• lower insertion forces required

• optimize the dynamic use of elastomer seals

• decrease the tendency of elastomer seals to stick to mating surfaces after standing still for a period of time

• reduce stick-slip effects

• increase wear resistance of elastomer seals in dynamic use

Benefits of our O-Ring coatings:

• save time and increase safety and security in assembly

• dry coatings need no additional lubricants

• cleaner process reduces associated time and cost for maintenance

• ensures shorter process-flow times

• increases opportunities for the use of simple and cost-effective elastomer seals

• extends service life due to improved wear properties of seals and enhanced assembly safety

• improves safety and security of elastomer seals used in valves due to reduced tendency to seize