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TriSteelTM is a metal backed system that is self-lubricating and is used in the most rigorous applications.

TriSteelTM bearings utilize special polymer liners for self-lubrication and improved wear properties. Each material has a specific wear rate dependent on the speed, load, temperature, lubrication and hardware of the application.

The metal backing supports liner materials made to withstand high loads, speeds and adverse environments. The advantage of the TriSteelTM design is that even if wear-thru occurs in the liner, the supporting interlayer is a self-lubricating material as well.

TriStar Plastics' rigid quality control process ensures the superior quality and service you expect.

TriSteel bearings are available in inch and metric dimensions in various combinations of liners and backing materials.

TriSteelTM bearings are produced by impregnating a self-lubricating, polymer liner into a sintered porous bronze interlayer. The steel backing material provides structural and mechanical support for the bonding layer and the bearing surface. The steel backing can be zinc or copper plated or stainless steel can be used for maximum corrosion resistance.


  • Cost Competitive
  • Improved Wear Properties
  • Stable
  • No Lubrication Needed
  • Available in Inch and Metric Dimensions


  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Hydraulic Components
  • Aircraft/Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction Equipment
  • General Engineering
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