Tube-Mac® 37° Flare Flange System

Product Announcement from Tube-Mac Industries Ltd.

Tube-Mac® 37° Flare Flange System -Image

Tube-Mac® 37° Flare Flange System

The flared configuration is based on flaring the pipe ends to 37 degrees and utilizing flanges and internal cones. O-Ring face cone with o-ring seal mating to flat face cone. Both internal cones have back-up o-rings .

The flange is slipped onto the pipe before flaring. After flaring, the cone is located into the pipe. Bolting the flanges together draws the flared pipes and cones in contact with each other providing a leak-free connection.

Standard flare flanges and pipe are available from 1/2" - 4" and pressures to 6000 PSI. The standard connection styles offered conform to SAE and ISO 4-bolt flanges. Other flange patterns may also be available.

· Size: 1/2" thru 4"

· Up to 6000 PSI