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TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor TT-FFS

Product Announcement from Pentair Thermal Management

TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor TT-FFS-Image

Reduce the risk of fire and explosion and prevent environmental damage with the TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor, a fast acting probe which detects hydrocarbon fuel spills in dry sumps or floating on water. Gives plant operators time to implement their response plan before disaster strikes.

This second generation probe ignores water but detects hydrocarbon fuel collecting in a sump, spreading on a flat surface or floating on water. For light or middle weight fuels such as gasoline, diesel or jet fuel, the sensor triggers an alarm within seconds and for heavier materials such as crude oil, within a few minutes.

The sensor will reset when the probe is removed from contact with the spill and any fuel residue evaporates or is cleaned off, making it a testable and reusable economic solution.

The sensor can be mounted on a floating device to detect surface hydrocarbon film and / or fixed at the bottom of the sump to detect sinking hydrocarbons. Their ultra fast leak detection capability provides an opportunity for storm water drain valves to be closed before fuel escapes into drains or surface channels.

The probe is available in two lengths for fixed position installations and can also be fitted onto a float assembly if the water level is unpredictable.

The TT-FFS is rated for C1D1 hazardous areas and ATEX approved for Ex applications including refineries and tank farms, industrial plants waste water monitoring, petrol filling stations and detecting polluters in rivers or marinas.