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The most influential cause of bearing failure is lubrication related. Using improper lubricant can damage a bearing to the point of irreversible failure, causing machine and production shutdown, lost hours and significant downtime. Bearings running with too little lubricant can cause friction requiring more energy to overcome resistance, which can lead to bearing failure and eventual seizure. Using too much lubricant can also produce heat, break seals and decrease acceptable tolerances leading to bearing failure.

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In order to reduce premature bearing failure incidents many companies around the world have incorporated some form of a condition monitoring program. As opposed to the other forms of maintenance, such as reactive in which a failure condition has occurred and maintenance personnel must "react" to the problem; or preventive where maintenance activities are performed on a set schedule, condition monitoring is used to check the health or "condition" of operating equipment. Any change in monitored fields can alert maintenance personnel of potential failure and allow the repair to be performed on a scheduled, controlled basis.

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