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UL University is excited to announce the release of our 2011 training courses for the Appliances industry. Topics include: Designing for Compliance to UL 197, UL 250, UL 60730, UL 61058-1, UL 1004, General Requirements for IEC 60335-1 and much more.

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Designing for Compliance to UL 60730: Automatic Electrical Controls for Household and Similar Use

This two-day workshop provides students an opportunity to learn the key points of UL 60730. Students will be able to identify the key differences between UL 60730 and IEC 60730 and will gain a better understanding of the process for submitting a control for investigation within the scope of UL 60730-1. A copy of the UL 60730, 4th Edition Standard is included with workshop materials ($452 USD value).

Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances: General Requirements, IEC 60335-1: Transition to the 5th Edition

This one-day workshop, presented by experienced UL appliance engineers who work with the IEC 60335 series standards, will help learners navigate the changes to IEC 60335-1 that are included in the 5th edition which was published in May 2010.

Safety of Household and Similar Electrical Appliances: General Requirements, IEC 60335-1 4th Edition

Knowing how to use IEC 60335-1, 4th Edition effectively in a product's design phase is critical to its certification and acceptance within the global marketplace. This two-day technical workshop provides in-depth exposure to essential topics such as spacing and insulation requirements, supply connections, component requirements and performance test criteria.
UL 60335-1 is harmonized with IEC 60335-1. A copy of the UL 60335-1, 4th Edition Standard is included with workshop materials ($192 USD value).

Commercial Electric Cooking Appliances: Designing for Compliance to UL 197

This comprehensive two-day workshop will help engineers design commercial cooking appliances more rapidly by more thoroughly understanding the safety requirements needed to comply with UL 197. The course emphasizes the purpose of UL performance tests and construction, and their impact on appliance construction and functionality, rather than on a line-by-line review of the standard. The connection between portions of the National Electrical Code and UL 197 is also covered, as engineers at times need to speak the language of the "code" with local AHJ's. Descriptions of the types of markings used for installation and servicing are also provided during the course. A copy of the UL 197 Standard is included with workshop materials ($490 USD value).

The New Standard for Appliance Switches: UL 61058-1 (On-Demand Webinar)

The new standard for appliance switches, is designed to keep pace with industry innovations, and will completely replace the old standard (UL 1054) by 2015. Understanding how the differences impact testing, equipment and follow up helps manufacturers create a transition plan for their catalog of switches.

This one-hour on-demand webinar discusses how the internationally harmonized UL 61058-1 defines the same level of safety as UL 1054, while providing global market access. The equipment used for witness testing, changes to follow up testing, and highlights of the national differences included in the standard are also covered, as are details of differences that may impact switch construction.

Electronically Controlled and Electronically Protected Motors: UL 1004 (On-Demand Webinar)

This one-hour On-Demand webinar covers UL's philosophy regarding safety as applied to electronically controlled and electronically protected motors. Students will leave understanding why the requirements are what they are. UL 1004 is explained in a manner that highlights how to design safety compliance into products rather than redesign noncompliance out.

Compliance alternatives are covered, as well as ways to minimize the cost and duration of the evaluation and certification experience. Just as there are many ways to design and build a motor, there are many ways to demonstrate compliance to our Safety Standards. Students will leave understanding the evaluation and certification process and how to turn the experience into a satisfying collaboration; how to be prepared with the information and an understanding of the language.

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