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Tolerance Rings Fasten and Join Round Parts

Product Announcement from USA Tolerance Rings

Tolerance Rings Fasten and Join Round Parts-Image

Tolerance rings are highly engineered frictional fasteners used to economically join mating cylindrical parts. Manufactured from high quality spring steel or stainless steel strip, tolerance rings are widely accepted as a fastening device capable of handling torque transfer, axial retention and radial loading between mating machine parts.

Technical and economical advantages ensured by use of our tolerance rings include:

1. Rapid, low-cost assembly 2. Wider dimensional tolerance of mating diameters for interference fits 3. Compensation of Thermal expansion between mating materials 4. Elimination of keys, pins, adhesives, D-Shafts, threads and splines 5. Compensates for small amounts of misalignment of up to 1/2º draft angle 6. infinite rotational indexing of parts prior to assembly 7. Re-workable