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Modular Chemical Storage Buildings

Product Announcement from U.S. Chemical Storage

Modular Chemical Storage Buildings-Image

Custom constructed chemical storage and handling facilities can be used as laboratories for research and testing. Manufacturing off site and then delivery to your location allows for a turnkey solution in a variety of sizes. Widths up to 28 feet wide by 60 feet long can be fabricated. The building can be brought to your site as a standalone unit or a modular building that is joined upon arrival for the maximum sized widths.

Combustibles, flammables and corrosives are properly confined for safety, while allowing for easy access and use. Many accessories can be utilized for specific chemical requirements such as fire rated construction, explosion relief panels, lighting, climate control and fire suppression systems. Eyewash and other wash up stations can be installed for increased personal health and safety. In some applications, your entire laboratory could be moved for future expansion if needed.

Shelving with built in spill containment as well as segmented work and storage areas can be included. Lighting and HVAC is implemented to best suit your needs and can be included inside or outside the building. Areas to house equipment specific to your needs can be configured into your building as well as other custom designs for door locations, flooring, wall separations and ventilation.

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