Tamco® Polyethylene Tanks w/ Internal Flange

Product Announcement from U.S. Plastic Corporation

Tamco® Polyethylene Tanks w/ Internal Flange-Image

Tough tanks. Straight walls readily accommodate supports, make full use of space. Internal flange assures maximum strength. Withstands constant operating temp. to 140°F. Wide range of sizes to meet many processing applications in manufacturing and research. Smaller sizes are excellent for table top operations, such as photographic processing, etching printed circuits, and treating small parts.

It is recommended that all tanks having vertical dimensions greater than 18” or at elevated temperatures have simple bracing of angle iron or 2 x 4’s plus plywood for full side support. Translucent; you can see the liquid level. U.V. Stabilized. Not for fuels or oils or wetting agents. Medium density polyethylene. Covers are loose fitting. Covers sold separately. All dimensions are approximate. MDPE resin meets FDA standards.                     

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