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Umbra employs the life-design concept and state-of-the-art materials technology to ensure that all components are able to withstand the most severe environmental and load conditions. The introduction of Cronidur-30, a high-nitrogen stainless steel, in combination with silicon nitride alternate-ball architecture, has virtually eliminated corrosion and wear.

Conventional chrome-plated ballscrews use steel loaded balls subject to constant ball-to-ball and ball-to-raceway friction, causing wear that contributes to early failure. If units are not inspected regularly and if corrective action is not taken, rapid corrosion and progressive wear will make overhaul more expensive and/or require the purchase of new ballscrews.

Using silicon nitride balls in combination with Cronidur-30 steel leads to an extremely low rate of wear, while balls are able to carry very high loads. They are combined with steel idler balls that preclude friction and wear because there is no ceramic-to-ceramic contact.

As there is no plating to wear down in the Cronidur-30 configuration, overall performance is greatly improved. And there will be no overhaul costs for Cronidur-30 ballscrews during an airplane's entire estimated life, whereas current chrome-plated ballscrews have to be replaced or overhauled two or three times during the same period.

To summarize, we can say that using Cronidur-30 ballscrews:

  • eliminates the cost of replacing ballnuts, screws, components, as well as any need for chrome re-plating.
  • reduces the inventory of parts needed for overhaul
  • reduces capital investment in equipment used during overhauls and testing
  • eliminates the need for chrome plating, considered an environmental hazard.
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