Reciprocating Linear Alternators for Power Gen

Product Announcement from Umbra Group

Reciprocating Linear Alternators for Power Gen-Image

Reciprocating Linear Alternators (RLA's) employ the same basic architecture as an Electro-mechanical Actuator except they utilize a back-driven ball-screw to turn a rotor and produce electricity.

In power-production applications, these devices maximize energy-extraction by eliminating energy-robbing crank-shafts and linkages that are typically required when converting reciprocating linear motion to rotary motion in order to drive a conventional generator.

Unlike typical linear alternators that rely on a linear traveling magnet to induce the flow of an electric current, the Umbra RLA's spin a special ball-nut that contains multiple permanent magnets. The spinning magnets induce the flow of an electric-current in a manner similar to conventional alternators.

Umbra's Reciprocating Electro-Mechanical Linear Alternators (RLA's) are an ideal technology for power generation from alternative energy sources such as compressed gas and ocean waves.

The aerospace-inspired, corrosion resistant, scalable architecture dramatically simplify hydrokinetic designs and reduce operational/maintenance costs.

For almost four decades, the UMBRA Group has been helping its customers overcome design challenges in their applications. Because of this commitment and successful application of the right technology, UMBRA has a minimum of one of its products in every commercial airplane with more than 100 seats. Now with power-generation capability, the UMBRA Group is prepared to offer the same level of commitment to the world's Renewable Energy pursuits, especially in ocean wave-energy harnessing.

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