Dual EMI Air Filters

Product Announcement from Universal Air Filter Company

Dual EMI Air Filters -Image

Superior shielding and filtration performance

The Dual EMI Honeycomb air filter provides superior shielding against electromagnetic interference and is specially designed for electronics, telecom and data com, and military electronics equipment.

The filter performs three distinct functions:

  1. EMI/RFI shielding with positive grounding.
  2. Air straightening for maximum cooling efficiency.
  3. High dust arrestance with low pressure drop.

The Universal Dual Honeycomb air filter reduces EMI/RFI noise by using a honeycomb structure which provides "cells" that are designed to reflect and absorb EMI noise. The honeycomb pattern maintains minimal airflow impedance, and provides a "straightening" effect for even air distribution. In addition, an EMI shielding gasket is installed around the frame perimeter. The gasket ensures full conductivity of the frame to the equipment. Moreover, the filter is available with a an EMI shielding stainless steel mesh for further EMI/RFI attenuation.

The Dual Honeycomb air filter also offers these benefits:

  • Performance specifications that meet the requirements of CE, Telcordia NEBS and UL.
  • Flame-retardant, open-cell poly-urethane foam filter media for high dust arrestance.
  • Removable, cleanable and reusable.