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Series 612 Butterfly Valve Control System-Image

Area of application:

Semiconductors, FPD and industrial processes, particularly CVD systems.


Butterfly pressure control valves for downstream applications. Very fast and strong actuator. Powerful integrated controller. Automatic maintenance indication.


  • Nominal inside diameters (ID): 40 (1 1/2") - 200 (8" )
  • Body material: Aluminum; Stainless steel
  • Actuator types: Stepper motor, integrated controller
  • Feedthrough: Rotary feedthrough, (Viton)
  • Cycles until first service: 2 million cycles under clean conditions
  • Leak rate: Body: < 1 . 10-9 mbar ls-1; Valve seat: -


  • Very fast and accurate pressure control
  • Automatic learning of system parameters
  • Hold function for plasma ignition
  • Valve position control
  • Remote Control
  • Information display
  • Inputs for 1 or 2 linear pressure sensors (capacitance manometers)
  • Closing or opening of the valve at power failure (option)

Pressure control

The controller ensures very fast and accurate pressure control. By operating the LEARN function - needs to be done only once at start-up - the system parameters are automatically determined. Due to the adaptive algorithm the controller continuously adapts to the process conditions (species of gas, gas flow) and thus ensures optimum pressure control.

Position control

In position control mode the valve plate can be moved to any position.


Status and position are displayed by means of 4 bright digits.

Remote operation

The valve can be controlled by a host computer via RS232, Logic or DeviceNet® interface. The RS232 interface also has digital inputs to close and open the valve.

Control via Logic interface also has digital inputs to close and open the valve.

Service Port

The valve has a service port (RS232) for connecting a computer. VAT can provide the following two versions of software: Basic version 'VAT Control View', available as freeware (see Independent of the host computer, it enables setup, operation, monotoring and diagnosis.

Extended version ' VAT Control Performance Analyzer': Available on order. This sophisticated tool offers a much wider range of possibilities than th basic version. For instance, it is possible to graphically display the pressure behavior or to program and record sequences. Also several possibilities for data analysis and process optimization are available.

For connecting the valve both versions require a special cable from VAT.

Power Failure Option (PFO)

This function is available as an option. It closes (to the minimum conductance) or opens the valve automatically at power failure.

Sensor Power Supply (SPS)

Optionally, the valve can be provided with a ±15 V DC power supply unit for the sensor(s).

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