Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Applications

Product Announcement from Vaisala

Temperature & Humidity Monitoring Applications-Image

The Vaisala viewLinc temperature and humidity monitoring system is known for monitoring GxP-regulated applications. But did you know that viewLinc is also used in applications like: Food & Beverage, Museums & Archives, Calibration Labs, Blood Banks, Pharmacies, and Data Centers?

Plus, the system can measure several other variables - CO2, differential pressure, doors...

Learn about how this system can help you ensure high quality and compliance in our case studies.

Try the Online Drying Simulator Tool
Optimized drying saves you energy and costs
We have developed this drying simulator to help everyone understand the way exact humidity measurements can lead to more efficient energy use and higher yields.

Drying applications are known to account for up to 20% energy consumption in industrial chemical processes. Drying processes can be energy-intensive and costly.

We've created an online drying simulator to help you analyze how your humidity measurements are impacting your energy use and yields. In the tool, set your optimal input volume and RH-based volume control. The simulator will output your humidity against your quality limit, and show a percentage of savings based on your inputs.