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The Vaisala Veriteq Validation/Mapping system comprises Vaisala Veriteq data loggers and vLog software. vLog is a secure, easy-to-use Windows-based interface for configuring, downloading, displaying, analyzing and reporting information from loggers. Software and user guides are available in multiple languages. Learn more...

vLog System Features:

  • Quick Visual of Results
    Horizontal bars move automatically with min, max, and avg values. And, you can superimpose up to 4 indicators wherever you want-set the value, units (temp or RH), label, and color for each indicator.

  • Detailed, Customizable Graphs
    Add statistics such as min, max, and avg values, max minus min value, max minus avg value, avg minus min value, group statistics. And use more explanation in the sign-off area with up to 6 lines of text to describe the run.

  • Industry-standard Security Control
    vLog uses all the capabilities of Windows password authentication - domain level or local account authentication. Your IT staff can implement what they already use to protect other company assets.

  • File Security Status Indication
    The security status of the data is identified on every report. You know whether files are secure or not, or if files have security problems or tampering issues. Users always know if documentation is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant or not.

  • System-wide Traceability
    vLog provides a validated audit trail. A built-in audit trail report generator creates reports-for all logger data or for a time you specify. No interaction with the system goes unrecorded.

  • Time Saving Batch Setup
    Use the settings from one logger in additional data loggers-start and stop time, sample interval, logger and channel descriptions, and channel flags.

View vLog Brochure (PDF).

Detailed Graphical & Tabular Reports

  • Graph overlay to highlight relationships between files
  • Zoom or cursor pin-point of actual values, times and dates
  • Multiple graph windows for comparative studies
  • Horizontal lines dynamically track min, max, avg
  • User-added horizontal lines for min, max, avg
  • Min, max and avg values and times for a group of inputs
  • Statistical studies, including lethality
  • Tabular format with dates, times and logged values
  • Graph scrolling to examine trends in detail
  • Automatic Mean Kinetic Temperature calculation

Data Security & Integrity

  • Up to 3 levels of security-Windows user names and unique passwords (Windows Active Directory)
  • Protects encrypted data logger files with indication of tampering
  • Recognizes and documents any modifications or altered files and renders them unusable
  • Ensures file security with user verification indicators

Flexible Graph Scaling

  • vLog provides format flexibility to customize graphs:
  • Manual and automatically scaled graphs
  • Multiple Y-axes scaling and ranges
  • Selectable decimal place precision
  • Options to display of temperature in °C or °F
  • User-adjustable International date and time formats

Easy Data Transfer

  • Copy and paste graphs into other Windows applications
  • Create TXT and CSV files for use with Excel or database applications

Fast & Reliable Communications

  • Quick and convenient downloading of data
  • Automatic file creation and descriptive naming
  • Automatic synchronization of data logger clock to PC clock

Easy Configuration

  • Fast setup of multiple loggers using the same properties
  • Adjustable sample rates
  • Sync start/stop times for multiple loggers
  • Collect only the data you want
  • Enable and disable data logger channels
  • Scale recorded data into user-defined measurement units
  • Set multiple data logger memory modes (e.g., stop when full, wrap-around when full)

Presentation-quality Reports

  • Comprehensive graph and report printouts with review and approved sign-off sections
  • Preview reports before printing
  • Prints to any Windows-compatible printer

Operating System

  • vLog is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, and Vista 32-bit systems.

For more information, please contact us, email or call 800-683-8374.

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