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Valcor Engineering Corporation manufactures custom diaphragm valves to match your specifications.

Our Diaphragm Isolated Solenoid Valves employs flexible diaphragms or bellows that isolate the valve's operating parts from the fluid being handled. No metal-to-fluid contact is permitted. Because of their construction, Valcor's Isolated Solenoid Valves are not subject to the major problems which often causes ordinary "wetted" solenoid valves to fail

Our diaphragm-isolated valves offer the following features and benefits:

  • Resist Abrasion- By not allowing particulate fluids to contact the valve operator, particulates can't become trapped between or wear out metal operating parts.
  • Resist Contamination- By not allowing fluids to contact any materials other than the diaphragm and body, fluid integrity can be maintained within a completely inert environment.
  • Resist Corrosion- By not allowing corrosive fluids to contact metal operating parts, corrosion cannot occur.
  • Resist Clogging- By not allowing fluids to contact plunger area, clogging cannot occur due to fluid crystallization or precipitation.
  • Resist Heat Transference- By isolating the heat generating area (coil) from the fluid, temperature of the fluid is maintained. In addition, diaphragm and body materials that are used act as insulators and effectively inhibit the flow of heat to the fluid.

Valcor offers the following features in our Diaphragm Isolated Solenoid Valve line:

  • All PTFE construction as well as Polypropylene body.
  • Seal materials include Viton, EPDM, and PTFE.
  • 24 VDC and 115vac/60Hz standard voltages.
  • Two-way normally closed and normally open, as well as three-way construction.

Customized solutions are our specialty. To discuss a customized solution for your application, please CLICK HERE.

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