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Instrument Valves Deliver Performance & Durability-Image

Ranging in size from 3/4" to 1.5 " in diameter, the Valcor Scientific family of Instrumentation Valves delivers performance and durability normally encountered only in larger, more expensive fluidic devices.

The essential features of these valves include:

  • All PTFE construction and alternate materials (PPS, PEEK, etc.) to accommodate a wide variety of corrosive media and physical requirements that are imposed upon valves of this type.
  • Low internal volumes for better fluid control.
  • Life expectancy in the millions of cycles to keep your applications operable for the long-haul.
  • Low wattage to minimize power consumption and temperature build-up.
  • Multiple configurations that enables one to attain the optimum in fluid control and physical layout.
  • Quick response times.
  • Accessories that assist in assimilating the valve components into the overall instrument design, including valve-driver circuit boards.
  • Solenoid valves available in two-way normally closed, two-way normally open, three-way, as well as alternate mounting and manifold configurations.

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