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Solenoid Valve for Liquid Carbon Dioxide (LCO2)-Image

The SV91 all welded leak-tight SS construction has a straight-thru flow path that provides high flow in a compact size. Its direct-acting shear seal design insures positive shifting and sealing unlike piloted valves that tend to fail in the open position. Valcor Scientific developed a free-flow design internally that minimizes the transformation of LCO2 to a solid or "snow". This feature along with the direct-acting shear seal, make the SV91 from Valcor Scientific one of the most reliable solenoid valve for LCO2 applications.

Available in two versions rated at 350 PSI and 1000 PSI, the SV91 series can be used in applications such as fog producing systems for entertainment, food processing, chillers and other temperature control devices.

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