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Agilent HP N6030A Arbitrary Waveform Generator-Image

Agilent HP N6030A
ValueTronics refurbsihed Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 15-Bit, 1.25 GS/s

Price $16,900.00
Special Sale Price: $13,750.00
with options: 016, 125, 200, 501

Product Features:

  • Option 300, dynamic sequencing, is a hardware interface which allows the user to dynamically point to pre-defined carrier signals created with the direct digital synthesis engine.
  • Option 330, direct digital synthesis, provides efficient compression of narrowband modulation on a carrier.
  • Dual output channels drive differential and single-ended designs
  • Multi-emitter and Multi-path simulations possible via synchronization of multiple modules
  • Complex waveforms can be created via advanced sequencing engine
  • Leverage of existing software: Use code from MATLAB®, and other programs for ease of integration
  • 1.25 GS/s sample clock
  • 15 bits of vertical resolution
  • Dual channel operation
  • Differential and single-ended outputs
  • Up to 16 MS waveform memory (Option 016)
  • Multiple module synchronization
  • Up to 125 k definable waveform segments
  • Up to 16 k unique definable sequences
  • Complete instrument control from MATLAB®

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