Van Air Prep 40 for Rental Equipment Industry

Product Announcement from Van Air Systems, Inc.

Van Air Prep 40 for Rental Equipment Industry-Image

In the rental market, a simple air dryer is ideal. That’s why the Prep 40 uses fewer valves than competitive units. Two solenoids. Two checks. Two purge valves. One three-way valve. That’s it. Easy to operate. Easier to service.

The heart of the Prep 40 is the single 3-way piloted shuttle valve. This workhorse valve has been field tested to more than 1 million cycles, with more than 50,000 units in service worldwide. Driven by a combination of control air and process air, the valve’s linear moving shuttle is permanently lubricated and features stationary Teflon seats for leak-free seals. Servicing the valve requires no special training or tools.

The Prep 40 provides back-up plant air to refineries, power generators, pharmaceutical producers, semi-conductors manufacturers, mines, pipeline inspection and cleaning operations, or any industrial facility requiring high quality compressed air.


  • Inlet Y-strainer
  • Regulator - lubricator
  • Trim Cooler with air motor, 15°F approach
  • Bulk moisture separator with auto drain
  • Coalescing pre-filter, with auto drain
  • Heatless regenerative dryer
  • NEMA 4X control enclosure
  • Power on/off switch
  • Power on light
  • Purge mufflers
  • Failure to switch light
  • Hour meter
  • Tower pressure gauges
  • Visual moisture indicator
  • Control air filter
  • Nylon control air tubing
  • Open frame fork lift skid
  • Four point lifting lugs
  • Activated alumina desiccant
  • Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) (FD-400 & FD-800 only)
  • Safety relief valves
  • Purge flow gauge
  • Epoxy/polyurethane paint



  • Higher design pressure
  • Customer specified paint color