Field Mount Motor Control Device

Product Announcement from Veris Industries, Inc.

 Field Mount Motor Control Device-Image

The Hawkeye 40 Series combines a switching relay, a current status sensor, and a
Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) switch into a single nipple-mounted housing. The low voltage
and line voltage wires are electrically separated from each other. A hinged lid on the
low voltage side allows easy relay connection and trip point adjustment, while the
high voltage side is closed for added safety. The H40 is connected in series between
the power source and the motor device, and the relay and HOA switch control the on/
off functioning of the motor.


Monitoring status and controlling small motor loads that are not driven by a
motor starter or contactor

  • Exhaust fans
  • Unit ventilators
  • Fan terminal units
  • Fan coil units
  • Recirculating pumps


  • Combines status sensor, command relay, and HOA switch in a single series line connection for three devices
  • Remote mounted enclosure eliminates the need to cram multiple devices into a junction box
  • Separate high and low voltage and economical installation
  • HOA provides true relay control...ideal for troubleshooting control wiring
  • SPST relay is field-selectable for N.O. or N.C. operation (some models)
  • Reduced installation costs by utilizing the low voltage installer section under the lid.
  • Flying leads for fast hookup without additional wire costs.
  • 5 year limited warranty

Series Specifications